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Committee to Retain Judge Jessica Moore
3044 Bardstown Road #109
Louisville, KY 40205

Kentucky Contribution Terms

  • $2,000 per election to candidates/candidate committees/gubernatorial slates (currently $1,000 per election), to be adjusted every other year
  • $5,000 annually to any executive committee or caucus campaign committee (currently
  • $2,500 annually with administrative set offfor county committees)
  • $2,000 annually to permanent committees and contributing organizations (currently $1,500
    annually), to be adjusted every other year
  • $100 cash contribution per election per contributor (currently $50)
  • $100 anonymous contribution limit per election per contributor (currently $50), with
    maximum anonymous contributions capped at $2,000 (currently $1,000)
  • No aggregate limits for contributions from permanent committees, executive committees, and
    caucus campaign committees (currently $10,000 or 50%)

Kentucky law prohibits corporate donations. Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited by law. State law requires that we collect and report name, address, occupation and employer of contributors. Donations are not deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.